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TJ’s Clone a Jean*

Q. How good a replica of my favorite jeans can I get?

A. There is a very good possibility we can replicate your jeans very closely including any adjustments you want to give you a better fit. Our aim is to produce you a new “favorite” pair.

Q. What differences can I expect from my jeans?

A. It is not possible to recreate buttons, rivets, labels, signature stitching on back pockets or logos as they are other brand’s trademarks. We use our TJ's trims or you can opt for leaving labels off.

Q. What will the fabric look like?

A. We will choose something from our range that closely matches your jeans. The denim will be new and processed to your preference of color. You can expect it to be similar to your fabric as we have a good range of very nice denims. We send our fabric charts with your 1st order. Request our TJ’s electronic fabric chart.

Q. What is the cost?

A. Including courier charges to your door $189.

Q. Will I get my old jeans back?

A. Yes. We will return them to you with the new pair you have ordered.

Q. Can I have my new jeans personalized?

A. Yes. We normally embroider “Handcrafted” in the right fly but we can embroider your name or nickname if you prefer.

Q. Can I ask questions or talk to someone?

A. As us questions. If you wish to talk to someone our phone # is: 1-858-384-6367

Q. Can I send something electronically before incurring costs?

A. We would be happy to see photos or drawings of what you are looking for. Or you can send us links to web pages of the way you want your jeans to look.

Q. How do I pay you?

A. You can pay us using PayPal with your account or your credit card prior to shipment. Or you could arrange to send a check or money order.

Q. How long does it take?

A. We normally ship within 2 weeks from time we receive your jeans unless there are many questions to be resolved.

Q. What about the fit?

A. Tell us of any changes you might want to the pair you send us. We will include these changes in your new pair. Remember that once you are happy with the fit, it is easy to get the same fit in other fabrics and styles in the future.

Q. Anything to do when sending them to you?

A. Place a note (hand written is fine) in the package with your jeans telling us what you are looking for or any changes to appearance of color, pocket changes or any changes you want to give you the fit you are looking for. Like longer leg lengths, smaller waist, etc.
TJ’s Clone a Jean*

Clone a Jean Service*

Do you have a pair of jeans you really like and can’t find another like them? TJ’s can help!

Send us your favorite pair of jeans no matter how old, worn or patched up. We will notify you when we receive them and don’t worry we have never lost a pair.

The professional TJ’s Team will take the measurements for you, make your unique pattern and make a pair of TJ’s Custom Jeans as close as possible to them. We can even make any changes you feel will give you a better fit. At last you can have your jeans just the way you want them!

We will produce and send your new pair of TJ’s Custom made jeans and return your favorite pair in approximately 2 weeks.Your pattern will go into our database and anytime you re-order you can adjust areas of your jeans anyway you like.

We charge $189.00 including the courier charges for your new pair of TJ’s Custom Jeans and your favorite pair to be returned to you in the same parcel.

We have an office in San Diego, California where our North American clients can send their favorite pair of jeans at local shipping rates. Request address for USA and Canadian residents.
Request shipping address for European residents.
For more information click TJ’s Clone a Jean* Q & A. * Buttons, rivets, labels, and logos will be TJ’s.

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